Job Description – Parish Administrator

Saint Michael and All Angels Church
602 N. Wilmot Road, Tucson AZ 85748
(520) 886-7292

Job Description: Parish Administrator

Reports to: Rector
Effective: August 1, 2017
Status: Part-Time
FLSA: nonexempt (hourly)
Probation period: 90 days
Performance review: annual

Job Summary
The Parish Administrator will coordinate and execute the operations of the parish office, and will provide communications and administrative support to the Rector, Vestry, and ministry leaders of the Parish, enabling them to carry out their ministries.

Essential Functions
• Oversees and directs office volunteers who answer the phone, staff the front desk, and produce worship bulletins.
• Compiles and prepares printed documents including announcement sheets, directories, committee documents, ministry schedules, and outgoing mail and correspondence.
• Maintains operating calendar, membership database, and office files of the parish.
• Arranges accommodations for guests of the House of Prayer, in cooperation with the Bookkeeper and Concierge.
• Makes arrangements for burials in the parish cemetery, as well as funeral luncheon arrangements with the Caterer and the Episcopal Church Women.
• Ensures that church and school employees and lay leaders are compliant with training and certification requirements for diocesan Safeguarding God’s Children training.
• Prepares annual diocesan, churchwide, and state documents including the Parochial Report, Corporation Commission documents, etc.
• Orders and maintains stocks of paper goods and other office supplies and equipment, and works with office equipment maintenance personnel.
• Works with the Rector to maintain and update parish membership register and sacramental record books.
• Orders altar supplies such as candles, incense, hosts, and wine.

Minimum Qualifications
• Fluency with Windows operating system, basic and advanced functions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, email and web communications.
• Familiarity with functions and culture of religious and nonprofit organizations.
• Experience in secretarial and office tasks.

Physical Requirements
• Able to perform tasks seated at desk and around office, including use of computers.
• Able to move freely through church buildings.
• Able to perform occasional lifting and movement of supplies and objects.

Core Competencies
Attention to detail. Sees small details which can have large impacts; finds and eliminates errors in his or her own work; effectively creates documents which use formatting and visual organization to present information clearly, consistently, and effectively.

Discretion. Understands importance of sharing information appropriately; asks for information only as needed; does not seek to satisfy personal curiosities or make assumptions; keeps confidences; is widely trusted; is seen as direct and truthful.

Organizational skills. Organizes information, tasks, and documents effectively; shares workspace easily and fluidly; maintains a neat and tidy work environment.

Time management skills. Plans appropriately to complete tasks regularly and efficiently; can handle multiple demands with calm and poise; can orchestrate multiple activities to accomplish a goal.

Problem-solving. Brings positive attitude to situations where problems require solutions; thinks critically to work through difficulties; anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks.

Interpersonal interaction. Relates well to all kinds of people inside and outside the congregation; builds appropriate rapport; uses diplomacy and tact; is regarded as a team player.

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