Clergy and Staff

St. Michael's clergy

The Rev. David Benedict Hedges, BSB

The Reverend Canon
David Benedict Hedges, BSG


Assisting Clergy

The Reverend Dr. Clare Yarborough - School Chaplain
The Reverend
Clare Yarborough PhD

Priest Associate
and School Chaplain

Pastor Keith Hardy

The Reverend
Keith Hardy
Affiliate Pastor,
Mision San Miguel

The Reverend Peter Cheney

The Reverend
Peter Cheney
Affiliate Priest

The Rev. Ben Garren

The Reverend
Ben Garren
Affiliate Priest

The Rev. Bill Teska

The Reverend
Bill Teska
Affiliate Priest

The Rev. Timothy Kroh

The Reverend
Timothy Kroh
Affiliate Priest

The Rev. Janet Wheelock

The Reverend
Janet Wheelock
Affiliate Priest

The Rev. Deacon Cathleen Carlton

The Reverend Deacon 
Cathleen Carlisle
Affiliate Deacon

St. Michael's Staff

Hollis Johnson, Parish Secretary

Hollis Johnson
Parish Secretary

Douglas Leightenheimer - Director of Music / Organist

Dr. Douglas Leightenheimer
Director of Music
and Organist

Karen Funk Blocher

Karen Funk Blocher
Bookkeeper and

Communications Director

Pat Miller - Assistant Bookkeeper

Pat Miller
Assistant Bookkeeper and
Administrative Assistant

Proscovia King, Master of Ceremonies and Concierge

Proscovia King
Master of Ceremonies and

(Kindergarten – Grade 8)

Brendan Sullivan, Head of School

Brendan J. Sullivan
Head of School

Inquiries and Admissions:
(520) 722-8478