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Our Mission: St. Michael and All
          Angels Tucson strengthens people by word and sacrament to be
          agents of Jesus’ gospel of justice, peace, and love in the

October Calendar

Feast of St. Francis
Blessing of the Animals
Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Blessing of the AnimalsThe Blessing of the Animals will take place this Sunday, October 4th, during all Masses, and is open to furry, feathery, and scaly pets in all shapes and sizes. Animals are to be on leashes or in carriers. The Blessing of the Animals is celebrated each year in conjunction with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals. All are invited to bring either their pet, or a stuffed animal representing their pet, for a special blessing.

Episcopal School Sunday
Fowler Fund Sunday
Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Episcopal School Sunday 2014

Episcopal School Sunday

Join us Sunday, October 11 and celebrate Episcopal School Sunday. St. Michael’s students will be serving at Mass and offering musical additions to the Mass. There will be only one Mass today, at 9:30 AM. Following the morning Masses, there will be a delicious Pancake Breakfast ~ cooked and served by our Boy Scouts under the direction of Byron Brandon and John Madsen.

Annual Fowler Fund Appeal Sunday

Sunday, October 11, 2015, is also Fowler Fund Sunday. It is the one Sunday each year in which we solicit donations for St. Michael’s Fowler Fund. Your contribution supports mini-grants to help variety of programs and situations in the larger community.

St. Michael's Fowler Fund honors the memory of St. Michael's long-time former rector, Father John Clinton Fowler. It consists of two parts, a permanent endowment and an expendable fund. The expendable fund, along with available interest from the permanent endowment, allows us to provide mini-grants to worthy organizations, primarily in the local Tucson community. Recent grants have provided start-up help to a center for abused women, assisted in the restoration of a fire-damaged church in Phoenix, funded urgent medical care under the auspices of the Guatemala Project, helped make homes handicap accessible for needy elderly individuals, and supported an organization which assists homeless men.

Please plan ahead, and consider making a special donation next week to the Fowler Funds. You will find an insert in next week’s bulletin, which you can place in the white envelope with your contribution, thus directing which portion(s) of the fund you are supporting. Our Fowler Fund Committee thanks all past donors for their significant generosity, and encourages each parishioner to consider providing a contribution to this year’s Fowler Fund appeal.

Termite Sunday
Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Do Not Enter! Closed for Fumigation Oct 14-18

St. Michael’s Church and School will be closed from noon Wednesday, October 14th through Sunday, October 18th, so that the church can be fumigated for dry wood termites. For everyone’s safety, the entire property will be closed off during this time to everyone except the exterminators. On Sunday, October 18th, we encourage everyone to attend another church, and to return to us the following week with your insights and suggestions during this time of transition. The church office will reopen on Monday, October 19th.

Certain items will need to be removed from the property before fumigation, including foods not in cans, the Blessed Sacrament etc. We will be forming a work party after the pancake breakfast on Sunday, October 11th to accomplish this. Volunteers welcome!

Welcome to St. Michael and All Angels!

Sunday Services

7:30 AM Morning Prayer
7:45 AM Mass with Homily
9:00 AM Family Mass
10:10 AM
Godly Play in the Parish Center
10:15 AM High Mass with Sermon
12:30 PM Mass in Spanish
5:00 PM Mass with Homily
6:00 PM
Evening Prayer

Weekday Services

Monday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Monday - 5:30 PM Low Mass for World Peace
Monday - 6:00 PM Evening Prayer
Tuesday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Tuesday - 8:00 AM Lower School Mass
Wednesday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Wednesday - 12:10 PM Healing Mass with laying on of hands
Wednesday - 6:00 PM Evening Prayer
Thursday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Thursday - 9:40 AM Upper School Mass
Saturday - 8:15 AM Morning Prayer
Saturday - 8:30 AM
Low Mass

Church Office
(520) 886-7292

Monday through Thursday - 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon

Episcopal shield
Transition Updates

from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels

In Anticipation of the Arrival
of our Interim Rector on 16 August
Sunday, 2 August 2015

On Sunday, 16 August 2015, Fr. Richard Mallory, our Interim Rector, shall celebrate his first Sunday masses at 7:45, 10:15 AM and 5:00 PM at St. Michael & All Angels.  I take this opportunity to introduce him to you in advance, using his own words, so it would be easier for you to get acquainted with him when you welcome him.

“I first became an interim rector in 1999 almost as a fluke. I had been working full time as a psychotherapist in private practice, a director of a satellite counseling site of a multi-professional counseling center in New York City for 29 years. I had been a senior faculty member in the pastoral counseling department of the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health/Hebrew Union College doctoral program for over 20 years. I lived in Stamford, CT, and the Diocese of CT asked if I could be the interim in a nearby town where an interim rector had abruptly resigned.

“I had never imagined that I would work in a congregation when I went to Union Theological Seminary in New York in 1965. My intention was to specialize in Old Testament studies and be a teacher. After my first year, a dynamic and life changing experience in Clinical Pastoral Education at an Atlanta general hospital reoriented me to the world of the psyche. I sought out individual psychotherapy and benefited from exploring my own inner world with the help of a solid professional. I knew that I too wanted to enter that field. That I did by going through the most rigorous training program in pastoral counseling and psychotherapy at the Blanton Peale Institute after graduating from Union. I spent three years in full time work in the alcoholism and drug rehabilitation units of the Roosevelt Hospital in New York and developed a specialty in my practice of working with recovering people in twelve step programs. The other two specialties in my practice became working with couples and traumatized people.

“I accepted that first interim ministry opportunity five years after my wife died of recurrent breast cancer. In looking back on that decision/calling, I was ready for something different. I had always loved the Bible, having grown up in a Southern Baptist context in Alabama, and came to find even more power released in the Scriptures through critical scholarship I first encountered as an undergraduate at Wake Forest. In this interim work, I knew that I liked preaching, teaching, pastoring and began to discover that I was a leader. Upon leaving this parish, it was unmistakable that I had made a difference to an anxious congregation when I first arrived. I could no longer deny that besides making a difference to individuals, groups, couples and students in the world of psychotherapy, I also made a difference in a wider and larger context of a parish. I realized in my own life the difference a primary leader can make for a group.

“My second interim work was in a Greenwich, CT parish where the retiring rector had been for 29 years. He was a good man and also set a controlling and anxious style of leadership. I later learned that he did not attend coffee hours, did not want an ECW group in the parish and wanted first to read every communication from any staff that went out on the letterhead. After being there for a few months, I’ll never forget one parishioner who exclaimed, “We are free to get to know one another.” My leadership style is relaxed just as I am with counselees, providing a safe place and a welcoming presence to all. The essential message is and must be, “You are welcome here, wherever you are in your life’s journey. “ After all, our goal is the imitation of Christ. Did he not welcome anyone who was seeking healing?

“I worked in two more CT parishes before moving to Arizona in 2008. I moved to work in a counseling center in Scottsdale. It has since closed its doors. I knew after several months I had landed in a counseling center with vastly different standards of professionalism than I expected. I knew that staying was intolerable. I had begun to attend the cathedral and began to make connections at the Diocese. An opportunity was offered to be a part time vicar at St. Thomas in Clarkdale. This parish had been battered by prior leadership. My job was to stabilize and pastor a shaken community. After three years, I pursued the associate’s position at All Saints of the Desert in Sun City where I have been serving for almost two years. Here and throughout my ministry, I have concentrated on preaching, teaching, leading small groups both in matters of loss and grief and in men’s work of deeper sharing and communication.

“I am interested in being your interim rector at this time. I had a delightful conversation with your senior warden John Hsieh. I learned about your sign prophesying the sin of nuclear weapons and how that sign survived a truck’s attempt to pull it out of the ground resulting in the sign pulling off a part of the truck. I learned that St. Michael’s in strongly committed in outreach to hungry people. I sense that St. Michael’s encompasses these two poles active ministry and witness undergirded by worship, prayer and openness to Holy Spirit.”

Let us get ready to welcome Fr. Richard.

With gratitude and joy,

Your Senior Warden,

John Hsieh †

Vestry’s Report on Transition: #5
from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels
26 July 2015

Greetings from your Vestry!

Since its commissioning on 14 June, the Nominating Committee has selected its officers: Chair Ohia Hodges, Co-chair Debbie D’Amore, Scribe Bonnie Edwards, and Treasurer Jim Steinman. It has begun preparing for its first task of gathering formation from all parishioners to form a parish profile before the search. It will meet with the diocese-appointed Transition Consultant, Canon Russ Smith, on 19 August to set schedule and strategy for reaching the goal of recommending three candidates for our next Rector to the Vestry at the end of the search.

Since its commissioning on 14 June, the Nominating Committee has selected its officers: Chair Ohia Hodges, Co-chair Debbie D’Amore, Scribe Bonnie Edwards, and Treasurer Jim Steinman. It has begun preparing for its first task of gathering formation from all parishioners to form a parish profile before the search. It will meet with the diocese-appointed Transition Consultant, Canon Russ Smith, on 19 August to set schedule and strategy for reaching the goal of recommending three candidates for our next Rector to the Vestry at the end of the search.

On 12 July, we reported that our Interim Rector, the Rev. Dr. Richard Mallory, will join us in person on Sunday, 16 August. A fuller introduction of Fr. Mallory and his work with us will be presented to you on Sunday, 2 August.

Having completed the most urgent tasks mentioned above, we are re-focusing on the overall life of this parish during transition by examining existing projects and needed efforts; for example:

  • Adult education: Vestry persons Joel Williams and Linda Morrison will join Peter Schmidt and Paulette O’Malley to work with Fr. Richard Mallory on topics to be offered. If you have any desired topics or can conduct a topic of study, please contact any of the above named.
  • Sunday school: Due to increased workload at Literacy Connects, Violet resigned from Director of the Godly Play for the younger children, but her husband, Vestryman Alec Kennedy will continue the Sunday school for the older children. There will be no child-care until further notice. Mo. Clare is working with Alec and others to re-organize the Sunday school and child-care. If you would like to help in anyway our children’s Sunday program, please contact Alec.
  • Welcoming visitors: Jim Steinman and Vestryman Todd Vicks will work with Lynette Emory to help the ushers in welcoming visitors with follow-ups. Secretary Nancy Vernon will provide an insert in the Sunday bulletin for visitors, so contacts can be made within the week of the visit.
  •  Representation on the School Board of Trustees: Reed Karaim will represent the Vestry on that Board. We thank Margie King for her past work and wish her well. Note: Parishioner Lori Lewis is the new President of the Board. The other parishioners on the Board are: Fr. Peter Cheney, Debbie D’Amore, Catherine Gioannetti, John Hsieh, John Meyer, and Paulette O’Malley.
  • Air-conditioning the church: The adobe walls, the wooden windows and doors, the organ pipes, the electrical wiring, environmental impact and health implications need to be addressed by all. Before the best solution is determined, our Building Committee, which consists Byron Brandon, Howard Creswell, Grahame Davis, Andy Harris, Alec Kennedy, Proskovia King, and Chris Lewis, will work with Junior Warden, Lisa Sharp, to gather information necessary for a productive discussion to reach an optimal solution. Currently, we have $21,240 in this account.
  • Renumbering pledge envelopes: The number on your pledge envelopes has not changed for years, due to keeping inactive numbers! Thus, we have been wasting trees and paying for useless envelopes and boxes. Yes, you might have a new number next year; but no action is required of you. If you want to unsubscribe pledge envelopes or if you want to have your name added to receive pledge envelopes, then please notify the Parish Office as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience, concern, trust and support, all rooted in your prayers! Please call our attention to any of the things that need to be done in, for or by this parish for our living in God’s kingdom. We look forward to working with Fr. Mallory. Together, with God’s help, we can all do our best to live our Baptismal Covenant at St. Michael’s. Keep on praying!

John Hsieh, Senior Warden
Lisa Sharp, Junior Warden
Jo Leeming, Treasurer
Carolyn Schlager, Clerk
Andy Harris
Reed Karaim
Alec Kennedy
Marjorie King
Chris Lewis
Linda Morrison
Katrina Noble
Todd Vick
Joel Williams

  Please see our History page for Transition Reports 1-4.

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St. Michael's Family Mass

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Recently at St. Michael and All Angels...

(photos by KFB unless otherwise noted)

Procession at High Mass, August 16, 2015

Procession at 10:15 AM High Mass, August 16, 2015

First High Mass with Father Richard Mallory

First High Mass with Father Richard Mallory

First High Mass Sermon with the Rev. Dr. Richard Mallory

First Sermon with Father Richard Mallory

Father Mallory - Sermon of the Pilgrim's Shell

Sermon of the Pilgrim's Shell

Last Mass at St. Michael's with the Rev. John R. Smith

Last Mass at St. Michael's with Father John Smith

Last Mass at St. Michael's with the Rev. John R. Smith

Father John Smith's Farewell Mass

The Rev. John R. Smith's Farewell Sermon

Father John Smith's Farewell Sermon at St. Michael's

Terri Smith, Father John Smith and Proscovia King

Terri Smith, Father John Smith and Proscovia King

Climate Change Conference Part 1: Learning

A Religious Response to Climate Change: Learning

Feast of St. Francis - Blessing of the Animals

Feast of St. Francis - Blessing of the Animals

Episcopal School Sunday - parishioners and school

Episcopal School Sunday - Parishioners and School

Advent International Bazaar 2014

Advent International Bazaar

The Greening of the Church

The Greening of the Church

Christmas Eve Family Mass

Christmas Eve Family Mass

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

Jumping into the New Year

Jumping Into the New Year!

Standing with Rosa

Standing With Rosa

Palm Sunday in the Courtyard

Palm Sunday in the Courtyard

Good Friday

Good Friday

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Joseph L Beamon Restores the Doors

Joseph Restores the Church Doors

Our Lady of the Desert House of

Our Lady of the Desert House of Prayer is now open!

It is available to small groups or individuals for retreats and as a spiritual guest house. Close to libraries, restaurants, and St. Michael and All Angels Church itself, it is an ideal location for families of patients at St. Joseph's and other hospitals, or for anyone who needs to get away for a few days to a quiet and peaceful setting.

Call 520-886-7292 for more information.

Our Lady of the Desert House of Prayer is located right behind the church at 6310 E Brian Kent. Parking is available in the Church's north parking lot.

Also at the House of Prayer...

St. Michael’s Contemplative Group Prayer has resumed! We meet 9:30 – 11:00 am on the second and fourth Saturday of each month in Our Lady of The Desert House of Prayer, north of the church. Parking is on the west side of the house.  Come join the group and learn about Christian meditation and enjoy a short social time together. You will find it relaxing, peaceful and rewarding.

Adult Education Opportunities

Father Richard's Lectionary Bible Study

BibleA note from Fr. Richard: I am beginning a weekly Lectionary Bible Study. There are two sessions. ONE meets at 10:00 am on Thursday mornings and the other will meet at 6:30 pm on Wednesday.  [Note revised time.] Each class is 90 minutes and will take place in the Parish Center.

We will be using the magnificent and extraordinarily creative Bible Workbench approach that is replete with top notch scholarship, penetrating questions, poetry and wise musings to engage the biblical narrative.  If you plan to attend, sign-up sheets are in back of church so the proper number of packets may be ordered (or call the Parish Office).

Sunday Morning Study Group

Redefining RealityAdult education continues with our "School of Theology" study group, Sundays at 9 AM in the Womble Library. Come and join in our wide-ranging discussions. We are currently watching watching the Great Courses video series Redefining Reality: The Intellectual Implications of Modern Science, presented by Professor Steven Gimbel, Ph.D.  We hope to learn more about the mind-stretching concepts of the modern sciences, and ponder a cosmology big enough to include both God and Science. All are welcome to join in on our videos, and the lively discussions that follow.

St. Jerome Writing Group

The St. Jerome Writer’s Group meets Tuesdays at 10 AM in the Womble Library, to encourage all forms of writing. Contact Margaret Savage for more info.

Wednesday Morning Adult Education

The Holy Land RevealedThe Wednesday morning adult education group is beginning a class on the archeology and history of the Holy Land.  It is built around a course of lectures by Professor Jodi Magness, of the University of North Carolina a Chapel Hill, entitled The Holy Land Revealed, presented by The Great Courses.  We will cover the archeology and history of the Holy Land from about 3000 BC through the Muslim conquest in the 7th century AD. The class every Wednesday at 10 AM in the Womble Library at St. Michael and All Angels Church.  All are welcome.

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Long Ago at St. Michael and All Angels...

St. Michael and All Angels Church as of December 26, 1953.
The newly-built church, December 26, 1953

A Religious Response to Climate Change

A Religious Response to Climate Change

Presentations Now Available for Download
Please see our Community page for details.

Alan F. SchultzThe Episcopal Parish of
St. Michael and All Angels

is proud to honor
A.F. Schultz
with the naming of the
A. F. Schultz
Æolian-Skinner Pipe Organ

Our Æolian-Skinner Pipe Organ was recently renamed the A. F. Schultz Organ, in recognition of Alan F. Schultz's many contributions to St. Michael's and the Tucson community. A loved and respected teacher of English at St. Michael’s School for over 30 years, he trained students in writing, declamation, and public speaking; and has provided music for our school masses up to the present day. Alan has served as our parish choir director and organist,  composed and performed Masses and other pieces, and continues to share his talents at the occasional mass. Alan has also shared his talent of musical composition and performance with the wider community through the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra where he remains Conductor Emeritus, and the Tucson Masterworks Chorale, formerly the Tucson Civic Chorus. Alan had an important role in bringing the Æolian-Skinner organ to St. Michael and All Angels over 20 years ago. It is therefore more than fitting that the organ at St. Michael's be named in his honor!

Donations to the Schultz Organ Fund and Endowment are gratefully accepted. Free will offerings will also be accepted at the concert. More information can be found on our Schultz Organ page. Thank you for your generosity!


Welcome to St. Michael's and All Angels!

We are an Episcopal Church community in Tucson, Arizona. We enjoy an Anglo-Catholic expression in our worship, and are socially involved in our Tucson community, our country, and the world. We are located at the corner of Fifth and Wilmot.


 St. Michael's Parish Day School

 St. Michael's Parish Day School is a co-educational private day school in Tucson, Arizona, with grades kindergarten through eighth. The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum of academics, fine arts, and athletics. Religious instruction and attendance at chapel program are also part of the curriculum.

Click here to visit the website of our Parish Day School.

A bequest to St. Michael's is truly the gift of a
                  lifetime. Please consider remembering St. Michael's in
                  your will of estate planning.

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