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Welcome to St. Michael and All Angels, Tucson Arizona

Our Mission: St. Michael and All
          Angels Tucson strengthens people by word and sacrament to be
          agents of Jesus’ gospel of justice, peace, and love in the

Sunday Services

7:30 AM Morning Prayer
7:45 AM Mass with Homily
9:00 AM Family Mass
10:15 AM High Mass with Sermon
12:30 PM Mass in Spanish
5:00 PM Mass with Homily
6:00 PM
Evening Prayer

Weekday Services
(Summer 2015)

Monday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Monday - 5:30 PM Low Mass for World Peace
Monday - 6:00 PM Evening Prayer
Tuesday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Wednesday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Wednesday - 12:10 PM Healing Mass with laying on of hands
Wednesday - 6:00 PM Evening Prayer
Thursday - 7:30 AM Morning Prayer
Saturday - 8:15 AM Morning Prayer
Saturday - 8:30 AM
Low Mass

Church Office
(520) 886-7292

Monday through Thursday - 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon

The 2015 General Convention
The 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church
June 25 - July 3, 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah
The governing body of The Episcopal Church, known as the General Convention, is a bicameral legislature that includes the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops. It meets every three years - and this is one of those years.

During its triennial meeting, the Convention's work is carried out by deputies and bishops representing each diocese. They consider a wide range of important issues. For more information on the Convention, as well as videos about the four nominees for Presiding Bishop, check out the General Convention website, articles about Convention on The Episcopal Cafe website. Thanks to Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis for the info!

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Transition Updates

from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels

A Note from the Senior Warden:

Fr. Smith celebrated his last Sunday mass with us on 28 June 2015 and has left Tucson with his wife, Terri, to become a mission priest at St. Alban’s Mission in Antiqua, under Bishop Armando Guerra of Guatemala. Upon hearing this news, many of you want to know what will happen to us. How are we to manage?

The Episcopal Church is an orderly structured institution with sound theologies, rich traditions and rational minds. There are well-tested procedures for the transition. Before Bishop Smith would install for us a new Rector, here is our journey.

Self-study: Immediately after 28 June, we are to build a parish profile describing ourselves by reflecting on our past and current emphases and practices to identify our strengths and weaknesses, from which we articulate our passion, vision and mission for the future. This will need your deliberate participation. Specific steps involving specific talents among us will take place. At each step, you will be informed and may be called upon. To get it started, planning for the formation of committees is underway. This phase of self-study is necessary before we could start the search for a new Rector.

Search: With our parish profile in hand, the Bishop and the Canon of the Ordinary will help our Search or Nomination Committee go through the steps of collecting names, vetting, interviewing on Skype, and visiting the shortlisted to arrive at inviting the finalist(s) for a visit.

Discernment: The visitation(s) of the finalist(s) will include meeting with the Bishop, a tour of the church and school, and a full interview with the Vestry. It is the duty of the Vestry to discern prayerfully before issuing a call. No name shall be revealed to anyone until the Bishop and the candidate come to an agreement. Then the parish will go into our welcome mode.

The above description is abbreviated, but you will be kept up to date in greater detail as we proceed. Confidentially is, however, strictly kept. During the process, which takes about a year, our regular worship will be maintained by our Mo. Clare, Fr. Jorge, Fr. Jeffrey, Fr. Peter and other supply priests, before the arrival of an interim rector, who will then be our pastor until the coming of our new Rector. So, fear not; the flock will not be without a shepherd.

Between now and 28 June, our immediate task is to thank Fr. John for his twenty years of tireless and faithful service to this parish. Yes, what he has done for the community at large has always been on our behalf. Be reflective and creative in your thanksgiving! If you have any questions or suggestions concerning this transition period, please do not hesitate to contact me, the Junior Warden or any Vestry member. Be prayerful and grateful in all you do. Amen.

Your Senior Warden,
John Hsieh †

An Announcement - 12 July 2015
The Vestry is happy to announce that we have an Interim Rector!

He is the Rev. Dr. Richard Mallory, who has resigned from his associate position at All Saints of the Desert in Sun City in time to be our Interim Rector. After meeting with the Vestry, the Staff and the Head Master, the Vestry unanimously endorsed the call. Through the hard work of Treasurer Jo Leeming and Bookkeeper Karen Blocher, and the assistance of Canon of Finance Vicki Hohnbaum, a letter of agreement was signed by Treasurer Jo, your Senior Warden and by Fr. Mallory on 6 July. Bishop Kirk Smith, after returning from the General Convention, kindly approved the call on Friday, 10 July. On the same day, Fr. Mallory found a one-bedroom apartment in an area of Tucson of his choice.

Fr. Mallory plans to start on Sunday, 16 August, in time for the start of the school year on 19 August. A more detailed introduction of Fr. Mallory and his roles as Interim Rector will be presented to you on 2 August.

The Vestry thanks you for your patience, support and trust throughout the process. Let’s keep on praying as we journey on.

Vestry’s Report on Transition: #4
from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels
21 June 2015

Father Smith, 3/13/05
First and foremost, please attend mass at 9:30 next Sunday, 28 June, when Rector, Fr. John will celebrate his last Eucharist with us. It is also your chance to thank him in person for his 20 years of tireless and caring service for us.

Last Sunday, our Nominating Committee was commissioned to fulfill its responsibility in 1) conduct a parish-wide self-study, 2) produce a parish profile and portfolio based on the self-study, 3) send the parish profile and portfolio to our Bishop’s Office for opening up the search for the new rector, and 4) process all applications, including interviews, to recommend 3 candidates to the Vestry for its final selection and Bishop’s approval.  This committee has 8 members selected by the Vestry from 18 dedicated parishioners either volunteered or nominated for consideration, plus 2 from the Vestry. They are:

Debbi D’Amore  ~  Grahame Davis ~ Bonnie Edwards ~ Ohia Hodges
Mike Leeming ~ Lori Lewis ~ Jeanette Renouf ~ Jim Steinman ~
and from the Vestry: Alec Kennedy and Katrina Noble

Please keep them in your prayers as they carry out their duties. A bishop-appointed Transition Consultant will assist them throughout the process.

Finally, the Vestry is preparing the Letter of Agreement to the appointed Transition Consultant and the Letter of Agreement to the candidate for our Interim Rector. Nothing is final, however, until the letters are signed and with Bishop’s approval. Please keep on praying and trust God.
All will happen in God’s good time.

Vestry’s Report on Transition #3

from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels
1 June 2015

On 14 June, there will be only ONE Sunday service, a Low Mass with hymns, starting at 9:30 AM.

This will be the unique moment for the timely presentation and commissioning of the Nominating Committee in YOUR presence, i.e. that of St. Michael’s entire congregation.

The Nominating Committee will be composed of 8 parishioners selected by the Vestry from 18 nominees (after 9 declined their nomination), plus two Vestry members. The Senior Warden will be an ex officio without vote. This body, with its own chairperson, will be charged with the responsibility to 1) conduct a parish-wide self-study, 2) produce a parish profile and portfolio based on the self-study, 3) send the parish profile and portfolio to our Bishop’s Office for opening up the search for the new rector, and 4) process all applications, including interviews, to recommend 3 candidates to the Vestry for it’s final selection and Bishop’s approval. Even with the help of a paid Search Consultant from the Bishop’s Office, this is a daunting challenge to the chosen ten. YOUR presence on 14 June, YOUR participation in the self-study, and YOUR prayers throughout the search process are essential for the future of St. Michael’s, OUR spiritual family and home in Tucson.

After the Eucharist, our Misión San Miguel will provide a special Mexican lunch with entertainment to raise funds to help one of our parishioners with her mortgage payments after the prolonged illness of a loved one. Please join us to enjoy the company and to share what God has given us. Come one, come all!

Your Vestry

John Hsieh, Senior Warden
Lisa Sharp, Junior Warden
Jo Leeming, Treasurer
Carolyn Schlager, Clerk
Andy Harris
Reed Karaim
Alec Kennedy
Marjorie King
Chris Lewis
Linda Morrison
Katrina Noble
Todd Vick
Joel Williams

Vestry’s Report on Transition #2
from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels
26 May 2015

Bishop Kirk Smith urged the Vestry to inform the entire parish on the state of our transition process as we move forward to provide calm and build trust.

Our transition begins with thanking Fr. John Smith for his faithful service in the past twenty years. The preparation for the send-off on 28 June, led by Mo. Clare Yarborough, is well underway. If you have not received the information on the send-off, please notify the Parish Office immediately.

Nomination for the Nominating Committee closed on 10 May. Of the 27 nominees, 19 accepted their nomination. The Vestry has started interviewing them in the hope of selecting 8 plus 2 Vestry members to form the 10-member committee by 14 June. The Nominating Committee’s first task is to listen to your opinions and views on the future of this Parish.

The Vestry has also met with one candidate for the Interim Rector, and it is in discernment before further actions.

As the Vestry prayerfully discerns, please say your prayers so not be led into temptation to figure out who the nominees are, and to second-guess the Vestry’s decisions. Succumbing to any temptation is to be delivered to evil, which breaks trust, degrades love and shatters hope.  Keep on praying and let God be our guide.Thank you for your trust

John Hsieh, Senior Warden
Lisa Sharp, Junior Warden
Jo Leeming, Treasurer
Carolyn Schlager, Clerk
Andy Harris
Reed Karaim
Alec Kennedy
Marjorie King
Chris Lewis
Linda Morrison
Katrina Noble
Todd Vick
Joel Williams

Vestry’s Report on Transition #1
from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels
26 April 2015
As the Senior Warden promised in The Messenger, Spring 2015, here is our first progress report.

Bishop Smith met with the Vestry, Treasurer, Clerk, Parish Secretary, Bookkeeper, Editor and Web-master, and School Headmaster on Saturday, 18 April 2015, as a follow-up to an earlier meeting with Canon Traquair. Both meetings provided comfort and confidence. Here we address the respective responsibilities of each parishioner in this transitional process.

We all must stay calm and carry on faithfully our worship, ministries and stewardship; and pray for guidance and wisdom, so that we may emerge from our inner reflection and external search with a new Rector, who will lead us to new horizons inspired by the Holy Spirit.

In the absence of the Rector, the Senior Warden is the parish’s ecclesiastical authority. The Vestry is responsible for forming the Nominating Committee, preparing the Parish Profile and the Portfolio needed for the search, approving and supporting the Interim Rector, and choosing the new Rector from the finalists recommended by the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee is to receive and evaluate the names from the Bishop’s Office in order to recommend finalists to the Vestry. This Committee shall consist 8 to 12 parishioners, including two Vestry members. It shall elect a non-Vestry member as its Chair, while the Senior Warden serves ex-officio without vote.

In forming the Parish Profile and Portfolio, the Nominating Committee shall assist the Vestry to hear from all parishioners their respective visions of the parish’s future mission and character. The meetings and surveys will follow the formats recommended by the Bishop’s Office.

The Bishop will assign a consultant to assist us in the process. The first of the four to five meetings between the Consultant and the Nomination Committee will occur as soon as the that Committee is formed. Between now and 10 May, all parishioners are encouraged to submit names to the Vestry for consideration. Wisdom and commitment to the hard work over long hours with confidentially, not special interest or group identity, are the basic criteria for Nominating Committee membership.

Bishop’s Office stays ready to assist us. The search for the Interim Rector has begun. The aim is to have the Interim Rector installed immediately after 28 June, if possible. The Bishop also suggests that the nomination process occur in the winter/spring period with the hope of having a new Rector by Fall of 2016.

Presently, please do not forget to give thanks for Fr. Smith’s faithful and caring service among us for over 20 years.

John Hsieh, Senior Warden
Lisa Sharp, Junior Warden
Jo Leeming, Treasurer
Carolyn Schlager, Clerk
Andy Harris
Reed Karaim
Alec Kennedy
Marjorie King
Chris Lewis
Linda Morrison
Katrina Noble
Todd Vick
Joel Williams

St. Michael's News

A Religious Response to Climate Change

A Religious Response to Climate Change

Presentations Now Available for Download

A Religious Response to Climate Change – I: Learning
Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Tucson
October 4, 2014
Katie Hirschboeck
Associate Professor of Climatology,
Laboratory of Tree-ring Research, University of Arizona;
also Roman Catholic Climate Ambassador

What Is Climate Change?
Malcolm K. Hughes
Regents’ Professor of Dendrochronology,
Laboratory of Tree-ring Research, University of Arizona

What Does the Past Teach Us About the Present?
(available on request)
Xubin Zeng
Professor in Department of Atmospheric Sciences,
Director of Climate Dynamics and
Hydrometeorology Center, University of Arizona

What Dynamics Drive the Climate Change?
Andrew Honaman
Chief Information Officer, School of Natural &
Environmental Resource, University of Arizona

What Could Happen to Our Water and Food Supply?
The Reverend Dr. William (Bill) J. Martin
Former director of a program providing laboratory support for the National Center for Infectious Diseases,
the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention;
also Deacon at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

Impact of Climate Change on Infectious Diseases
John J. Wiens
Professor, Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

Climate Change and Niche evolution: Will Species Adapt in Time?
A Religious Response to Climate Change – II: Living
Advent, Stewardship, and Metanoia
The Episcopal Parish of Saint Michael and All Angels
Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Right Reverend Kirk Smith
Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Arizona

Greetings & blessings from Bishop Kirk Smith
(in The Messenger, Epiphany 2015)
The Reverend Dr. John Leech
St. Michael and All Angels

Stewards of the Earth
(also in The Messenger, Epiphany 2015)
Alexander D. Cronin
Associate Professor, Department of Physics and
College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona

Discussion of Energy: Sources and Consumption
Margot W. Garcia, PhD, AICP
Professor Emeritus, Department of Urban and
Regional Studies and Planning,
Virginia Commonwealth University

Challenges to Sustainable Living: Water
Fernando Molina
Tucson Water, City of Tucson

Water Reliability for Tucson’s Future
Taralynn Reynolds
Population and Sustainability Organizer,
Center for Biological Diversity

Human Consumption, Population Growth and Sustainability

Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church presents
a free Earth Day weekend film event:

Climate Crisis: Our Compassionate Response
Saturday, April 25th, 2015, 6:30pm
Grace-St. Paul recently posted an article on the topic of climate change, sustainability and eco-justice. It describes the basis for their efforts as a parish to protect the earth. The title is "Sustainability and Eco-Justice."

Alan F. SchultzThe Episcopal Parish of
St. Michael and All Angels

is proud to honor
A.F. Schultz
with the naming of the
A. F. Schultz
Æolian-Skinner Pipe Organ

Our Æolian-Skinner Pipe Organ was recently renamed the A. F. Schultz Organ, in recognition of Alan F. Schultz's many contributions to St. Michael's and the Tucson community. A loved and respected teacher of English at St. Michael’s School for over 30 years, he trained students in writing, declamation, and public speaking; and has provided music for our school masses up to the present day. Alan has served as our parish choir director and organist,  composed and performed Masses and other pieces, and continues to share his talents at the occasional mass. Alan has also shared his talent of musical composition and performance with the wider community through the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra where he remains Conductor Emeritus, and the Tucson Masterworks Chorale, formerly the Tucson Civic Chorus. Alan had an important role in bringing the Æolian-Skinner organ to St. Michael and All Angels over 20 years ago. It is therefore more than fitting that the organ at St. Michael's be named in his honor!

Donations to the Schultz Organ Fund and Endowment are gratefully accepted. Free will offerings will also be accepted at the concert. More information can be found on our Schultz Organ page. Thank you for your generosity!

See our news blog for announcements and scheduled events.
Download our brochure of groups, ministries and activities.
St. Michael icon
Download our brochure
of The Art of St. Michael's.

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Taizé Meditation Service

1st and 3rd Tuesdays
at 6:45 PM

Come Walk the Labyrinth!


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St. Michael's Family Mass

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Recently at St. Michael and All Angels...

(photos by KFB unless otherwise noted)

Climate Change Conference Part 1: Learning

A Religious Response to Climate Change: Learning

Feast of St. Francis - Blessing of the Animals

Feast of St. Francis - Blessing of the Animals

Episcopal School Sunday - parishioners and school

Episcopal School Sunday - Parishioners and School

Advent International Bazaar 2014

Advent International Bazaar

The Greening of the Church

The Greening of the Church

Christmas Eve Family Mass

Christmas Eve Family Mass

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

Jumping into the New Year

Jumping Into the New Year!

Standing with Rosa

Standing With Rosa

Palm Sunday in the Courtyard

Palm Sunday in the Courtyard

Good Friday

Good Friday

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Joseph L Beamon Restores the Doors

Joseph Restores the Church Doors

Our Lady of the Desert House of

Our Lady of the Desert House of Prayer is now open!

It is available to small groups or individuals for retreats and as a spiritual guest house. Close to libraries, restaurants, and St. Michael and All Angels Church itself, it is an ideal location for families of patients at St. Joseph's and other hospitals, or for anyone who needs to get away for a few days to a quiet and peaceful setting.

Call 520-886-7292 for more information.

Our Lady of the Desert House of Prayer is located right behind the church at 6310 E Brian Kent. Parking is available in the Church's north parking lot.

Also at the House of Prayer...

St. Michael’s Contemplative Group Prayer has resumed! We meet 9:30 – 11:00 am on the second and fourth Saturday of each month in Our Lady of The Desert House of Prayer, north of the church. Parking is on the west side of the house.  Come join the group and learn about Christian meditation and enjoy a short social time together. You will find it relaxing, peaceful and rewarding.

The St. Michael's School of Theology continues!

Sunday Morning Theology Group

Adult education continues with our "School of Theology" study group, Sundays at 9 AM in the Womble Library. Come and join in our wide-ranging discussions. On Sunday, December 28th we began watching a series of videos on Quantum Mechanics: The Physics of the Microscopic World, presented by Professor Benjamin Schumacher Ph.D.  We hope to learn more about the mind-stretching concepts of modern physics, and ponder a cosmology big enough to include both God and Science. All are welcome to join in on our videos, and the lively discussions that follow.

St. Jerome Writing Group

The St. Jerome Writer’s Group meets Tuesdays at 10 AM in the Womble Library, to encourage all forms of writing. Contact Margaret Savage for more info.

Wednesday Adult Education

The Wednesday morning adult education group is beginning a class on the archeology and history of the Holy Land.  It is built around a course of lectures by Professor Jodi Magness, of the University of North Carolina a Chapel Hill, entitled The Holy Land Revealed, presented by The Great Courses.  We will cover the archeology and history of the Holy Land from about 3000 BC through the Muslim conquest in the 7th century AD.  The class every Wednesday at 10 AM in the Womble Library at St. Michael and All Angels Church.  All are welcome.

Now you can shop on Amazon and support St. Michael's at the same time! Click below to buy ANYTHING from Amazon, and a portion from the proceeds will go to help St. Michael's.

Long Ago at St. Michael and All Angels...

St. Michael and All Angels Church as of December 26, 1953.
The newly-built church, December 26, 1953


Welcome to St. Michael's and All Angels!

We are an Episcopal Church community in Tucson, Arizona. We enjoy an Anglo-Catholic expression in our worship, and are socially involved in our Tucson community, our country, and the world. We are located at the corner of Fifth and Wilmot.


 St. Michael's Parish Day School

 St. Michael's Parish Day School is a co-educational private day school in Tucson, Arizona, with grades kindergarten through eighth. The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum of academics, fine arts, and athletics. Religious instruction and attendance at chapel program are also part of the curriculum.

Click here to visit the website of our Parish Day School.

A bequest to St. Michael's is truly the gift of a
                  lifetime. Please consider remembering St. Michael's in
                  your will of estate planning.

60th anniversary 1953 - 2013


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