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Lenten Disciplines

Ash Wednesday and the weekdays of Lent and Holy Week (Monday through Saturday) are observed according to the Book of Common Prayer “by special acts of discipline and self-denial.” Traditionally, this refers to abstinence from eating flesh meats. Given that much seafood is now considered a luxury, it may be advisable to abstain from fish and shellfish as well in keeping with the spirit of the practice. There are many other ways to conceive of the Prayer Book’s call to special acts of discipline and self-denial, and you may wish to think creatively about this. Br. Dave is happy to provide advice about choosing a Lenten discipline.

Lent - Pray Fast GiveAsh Wednesday and Good Friday are also designated as Fast Days. Traditionally, fasting refers to omitting the first meal of the day, eating only a modest lunch or snack, and a full meal at dinnertime. Young children and those who are infirm or elderly are dispensed from fasting.

On Sundays, neither abstinence nor fasting is directed by the Prayer Book, because all Sundays are Feasts of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Confession is available throughout the year by appointment with any priest.

Lenten Forum Series: Civil Discourse

Civil DiscourseWe will offer a series of adult forums on the topic of Civil Discourse during the first five weeks of Lent. What is Civil Discourse? Civil discourse is a way of having conversations that enhance our understanding of each other’s positions. It is a way to speak with people with whom we may disagree, while respecting each other’s perspectives, particularly about politics, policy, and legislation.

At a time when our nation is more and more divided, learning about Civil Discourse is a crucial step to repenting of these divisions, and repenting of the temptation to demonize and undercut those with whom we disagree. Through learning and using these methods, we can talk to our neighbors and strengthen, rather than fracture, our relationships with one another.

This course will be led by Mother Alison Lee, and will meet at two times each week. You may choose either time to attend.

Sundays 9:00 AM Tankersley Hall
Wednesdays 7:00 PM Smith Parish Center

March 10, March 13             Civil Discourse in Context: An Introduction
March 17, March 20             Tenets for Civil Discourse
March 24, March 27             Values-based Conversations
March 31, April 3                  Complexities of Policy
April 7, April 10                     Sacred Space for Debate

For more information, please speak to Mother Alison.

Exploring the Bible with “The Path” will resume after Easter.

Holy Week and Easter Schedule

Holy Week and Easter Day
at Saint Michael & All Angels Church

Palm Sunday, April 14

Regular Sunday Schedule of Worship

Palms will be blessed and distributed at every Mass

Holy Monday, April 15

6:30 PM Low Mass

Holy Tuesday, April 16

6:30 PM Low Mass

Holy Wednesday, April 17

12:10 PM Low Mass

Maundy Thursday, April 18

6:30 PM Solemn Mass with Washing of Feet

Agapé Supper follows the Mass in the Parish Center

Stripping of the Altar follows the Agapé Supper

Watch with the Blessed Sacrament overnight

Good Friday, April 19

10:45 AM Confessions (until 11:45 AM; Confessional is to the right

inside church entrance.)

12:00 PM Stations of the Cross

6:30 PM Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday

with Veneration of the Cross

and Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament

Easter Eve, April 20


One candidate will receive Holy Baptism

Easter Day, April 21

7:45 AM Low Mass

9:00 AM Family Mass

10:15 AM Solemn Mass

12:30 PM La Misa Bilingüe

No evening Mass will be offered.


Eucharistic Prayer, Michaelmas 2018

Sunday Schedule

Click here for Sunday’s Lectionary readings.

St. Michael and All Angels has five services on Sunday, serving the needs of parishioners and visitors with several liturgies and styles of worship.

7:15 AM Morning Prayer
7:45 AM Mass with Homily
A simple mass for early risers
9:00 AM Family Mass
Our Family Mass, led by Mother Clare Yarborough, has family-friendly music and contemporary retellings of the week’s Bible readings, often read and performed by young churchgoers.
10:15 AM Solemn Mass with Sermon
This Anglo-Catholic liturgy includes the “bells and smells” – traditional hymns with our Parish Choir, accompanied on our Æolian-Skinner organ; incense, chanted prayers and traditional vestments. Click here for video from a recent mass (Feast of Corpus Christi).
12:30 PM Bilingual Mass / Misa Bilingüe
Our Misa en Español  and in English is led by Pastor Keith Hardy.
5:00 PM Mass with Homily
A simple mass in the late afternoon

Weekday Services

See also the Google Calendar below.


7:30 AM – Morning Prayer
12:10 PM – Low Mass (Rite One)


7:30 AM – Morning Prayer
8:10 AM – Lower School Mass  (when school is in session)
6:45 PM – Taizé Meditation Service (first and third Tuesdays)


7:30 AM – Morning Prayer
12:10 PM – Healing Mass with laying on of hands
6:00 PM – Evening Prayer


7:30 AM – Morning Prayer
9:40 AM – Upper School Mass (when school is in session)


7:30 AM – Morning Prayer


8:30 AM – Morning Prayer
9:30 AM – Contemplative Prayer at the House of Prayer (north of church parking lot)

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